The SRA’s 2023 Open Consultation & What This Means for the SRA Accounts Rules

Since the SRA released the latest set of Accounts Rules changes in 2019 there has been a lot of feedback from firms stating that certain aspects are unclear. This year, the SRA put out an open consultation where they sought to clarify the rules & alter the wording in hope that it would make things clearer for solicitors’ practices. This article explores those changes.

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Legal Aid: Are you ready for the changes to claim checks for civil submissions?

At the beginning of July, the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) posted an update in its News Section regarding improvements to their checking system for civil claims.

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What does “promptly” mean? A look at the new SRA Accounts Rules 4

In this article, I shall be looking at one part of the new SRA Accounts Rules which every legal cashier should be questioning: the meaning of the word “promptly” which appears several times across the new rules.

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Residual Client Balances: Why you should never ignore them!

It has always been the traditional way to start a practice that the firm creates an office account, a client account and occasionally a savings account for taxes etc. Are we about to see the loss of the client account?

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