“I have nothing but praise for The Law Factory and in particular Charlotte who is attentive, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. The Law Factory essentially provides an off-site, outsourced bookkeeping system for our firm Didlaw but it is so much more than that. They know the Solicitors Accounts Rules inside out and are an essential resource for any queries that arise .They take care of all our bookkeeping needs from reconciling our accounts, producing the required monthly SRA reports, reporting for VAT, liaising with our accountants, adjusting journals, you name it they do it – everything that I used to do as Managing Partner of a small firm and which I have completely handed over to them. The systems work seamlessly thanks to the Law Factory team and the simple, easy to use Lawslip system. No more annoying little slips of paper and pinks and blues and greens for us – it is heavenly! Highly recommended and very grateful to have been recommended to them after years of trying to find decent legal cashiers! First class service.

Karen Jackson, Founder and Director, DIDLAW


“The Law Factory provides an exceptional, personal service which is essential to enabling my Firm to operate without getting stressed over financial compliance. This frees us up to do what we’re good at.  The experts at the Law Factory really understand the Accounts Rules, and have become part of “the team”.  The service they have provided us for the last six years has been consistently outstanding.  Full marks to Alex in particular.”

Mark Glenister founder and partner, JPP LAW


“PTP Law has been working with Jeremy and his team at The Law Factory for longer than either of us would care to remember. JD Legal as it then was helped us with the transfer of our  SAR software from a DOS based system, riddled with bugs to a fabulously modern Windows system designed and implemented by Quill. The transfer went as smoothly as could be expected in those days of steam driven PCs, thanks largely to Jeremy’s expertise and hard work and since then we have seen no reason to look elsewhere for our bookkeeping and SAR needs. The Law Factory team are highly accessible and always keen to help. Communication is generally instantaneous and problems, which are few, are handled swiftly and with minimum fuss. The Lawslip system is easy to use and highly functional and I would have no hesitation in recommending it, and indeed, the Law Factory in general to prospective clients.”



“I have worked with the Law Factory LLP for over a decade and I could not recommend them in more enthusiastic terms.  Every single member of their team is knowledgeable, dedicated to offering the best possible service to their clients, and 100% accurate and reliable.  It is a delight to unreservedly vouch for this team.”


Avisa Partners London Ltd


“We have nothing but praise for the Law Factory. They have literally transformed our book keeping system. It used to be a major headache and source of stress, but now runs smoothly and efficiently. Lawslip is so easy to use – our office manager loves it.
Charlotte has been fantastic. She answers queries quickly and always goes the extra mile in terms of providing the financial reports we need. The service we receive from the Law Factory feels highly personalised and tailored to our business”




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